Top 10 Customer Service Greetings

The most annoying thing that one can experience in customer service is a representative who is less than happy to serve. Imagine calling customer care service operator and receiving a huge sigh! This is very off-putting to the customers and is not indicative of a good customer service. Greetings must be personal and should indicate the desire to help a specific customer. Each customer must believe that they are the most important customer at your business. There are several greetings which can enhance the experience for customers. Here are 10 customer service greetings which we find to be the best:

  1. Hi how are you doing?
  2. How may I be of service to you today?
  3. May day has been made better now that you have called!
  4. Salutations to our number 1 customer!
  5. Hi, How is the most important customer in the world doing today?
  6. How can I make your day brighter today?
  7. Can I put a smile on your face today?
  8. Hi, I am so happy you called, how may I assist!
  9. Hi, how can we better serve you?

You have made my day simply by calling! How can I make yours?

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